Our Agents Strut Their Stuff
Showing off all day long can be exhausting, but LA SGC Special Agent Sniper Scout (left and below right in two different rings) learned to conserve his energy.  He slept in almost every judging cage, then played like crazy on the stand.


Our Savannahs impress the judges.  Lady Merryn with Pascale Portales, above center and below left, and Navigator above right, with Jeff Roberts.


Our Pixie Bobs make their mark.


 LA SGC Special Agent Sniper Scout is awarded a Best Kitten from Jay Bangle in Monterey (photo by Devon Cattell), RW SGC Special Agent Reconnaissance with Mary Lou Anderson, Heather Roberts helps RW SGC Special Agent Incognito say "hi" in a kitten class, and Jeff Roberts judges GCH Special Agent Secret Weapon.






After the judging, you see just a few examples of the awards our agents have won.

LOOF Champion Special Agent Spitfire (left) and International LOOF Grand Champion & TICA QGC Special Agent Socrates (right) with Sheila and their Best in Show Awards.  Photos courtesy of Sheila.  Below, Ecko with Edith Mary Smith and RW SGC Special Agent Going Solo being awarded Second Best Kitten in her first show.


Winning is always fun, but we always try to have a good time, win or loose.

It's important to stay relaxed when competing at such high levels.  The three photos here were all taken at shows.  To the left, Lady Merryn and RW SGC Special Agent Sniper snooze together.  QGC Special Agent Gunnie lays back and waves to passing admirers.  I know it appears Sniper is in an easy chair, but this photo was actually taken at a show by Patricia Peters and she thought he looked more like he was lounging in an easy chair rather than a show crate, so she just performed a little Photoshop magic.


Below, RW SGC Special Agent Reconnaissance struts his stuff with Julianna Slater and Vicki Shields.
Vicki presses his tail up button.


Below are some of our favorite judges with the cats who earned their Supreme Grand Championships because of the Best Cats awarded by the judges in the photos.  Left to right, Jeff Roberts and Solo, Wind and Incognito with Laurie Schiff (photo by Gail Anderson), and Linda Kay Ashley with RW SGC Special Agent Fire Fighter and Ecko.



To the left is Recon with Vickie Fisher and Wind.
Vicki has her thank you gift too, her Reece's Cup.


Sniper received a Best Cat award from two different judges on the same day.  Officially, Hisako Yamada (below, left with Sniper and Wind) was the first to award him the Best, but getting his photo with her took a bit longer.  Kitti Ruttan (below, right with Sniper and Ecko) also gave Sniper a Best, and was available for the photo at his next show.






Here is Sniper Scout with the first judge to award him a Best Cat after he was a Quadruple Grand Champion.  Adrianna Kajon advanced him to Supreme Grand Champion at a show in Utah.






Lady Merryn thinks anytime is Showtime.  Here her and her son, Navigator, entertain the crowd at the Bellogio on the Vegas Strip, Las Vegas, NV.

Hisako Yamada judges RW SGC Special Agent Reflection and Anne Ritzinger judges Red Bull.  Both of these photos are from a TICA show on August 15th 2010.
To see more photos from this show, please click here.

Below is Camelottaspots Lady on a Mission being judged as a kitten, by Mr. Roberts.



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