International Best of Breed
Lifetime Achievement Award
Supreme Grand Champion

I.D. #:
Red Bull, Red Bull Run
SBT 093009 026
September 30, 2009
Straight feet.


Special Notes:

ROAD TRIPS!!!  Play, Run, Play, Show, Sleep at show, Run, Play, Show, Pretend to sleep at show, Spy Stuff, Play.

International Best Of Breed Kitten and Regional Winner, 2010 in only 10 weeks of being shown as a kitten.  International Best of Breed Championship Cat 2011 and a Regional Winner again.

INTERNATIONAL WINNER 2011!!!  Won as the 23rd best short haired cat in the world. Regional Winner in 2012, giving him his Lifetime Achievement Award.


Sniper Scout has been called Red Bull Run since he was just a few weeks old.  He was the first of his litter to run to us, and he has a lot of rufus, or rust, in his coloring.  So we combined Bull Run with Red Bull.

Red Bull is 11 months old in these photos.  In all of the outdoor photos he is 7 months old.




Red Bull likes nothing better than going on a road trip to anywhere, in any vehicle, the longer the trip, the better. He will ride in a soft top Jeep, he will travel for hours, he loves hotels and he enjoys being on display. He has been to one of the world's largest pet expos and just relaxed and basked in the attention.

Below, Red Bull with Adriana Kajon, the judge who awarded him the Best Cat which earned him his Supreme Grand championship.  If you click on the photo, you will see the video of Adriana's giving Red Bull his Supreme.  Thank you, Adriana, for recognizing his excellence, even when he was still so young and still maturing.

Red Bull's customary position in the judging cage is on his back, as he is in this photo.  It seems even when he sleeps, he performs.  But he doesn't lack in the play department once he gets on the judging table.  Sleep and play.  Play and sleep.  He just goes with the flow.  The following 7 pictures were all taken at the show hall.  Oh, and none of the sleeping ones are in the same cage.



There are actually a couple more photos from this show (I know, hard to believe) on the show report page.
Click here to see them.

Red Bull is a Lifetime Achievement recipient!

Red Bull achieved magnificent things in the show ring, earning a coveted International Win his first championship show season, and then a rare Lifetime Achievement award.  Only a handful of Pixie Bobs have ever earned this title.  It requires three separate awards, with a minimum of two regional wins awarded and one international win (top 25 placement of all of the cat breeds in TICA)!  This is a very difficult award as many cats who are stunning enough to compete physically cannot handle the stress of showing for that long.  Fortunately, Red Bull is not only an excellent physical example of the Pixie Bob breed, but loves the crowds in the show hall, and would still be in the ring if he could achieve more. 

For those who wonder why we don't continue to show him . . . His titles are as high as they can be, and we believe the next generation should be wowing the judges without him stopping them.

Check out his son, RW SGC Special Agent Thomas Magnum, pictured below at 4 months.


Red Bull is a very active boy, and loves to play and help us in the back yard. He also enjoys being shown.  He was four months old  in the photo below, right when TICA judge Jay Bangle gave him a best kitten.  He simply sees the show ring as one chance after another to play. 

Below, left, he charms TICA judge Anne Ritzinger, earning a final in her ring too.  The center picture was taken at the 2010 SW Regional Awards show by Chanan Photography.  Even he commented on what a great eye he has.

           Photo by Devon



Below, Red Bull stalks his buddy, Dac.

His older photos don't show it very well, but Red Bull has a lot of warm, red tones to his coat.  Just check out his four month old photos below.


The photo above was taken at a cat show.  Red Bull struts even when he's sleeping.

  Below, Red Bull being judged by Barbara Ray.


Red Bull's father is CH Special Agent Silent Sniper (left) and his mother is Santiam Ruse to the Agency (right).  Below is another photo of Red Bull at 7 months.

See Red Bull's Pedigree by clicking here

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