International Best of Breed

Double Regional Winner
Supreme Grand Champion

Thomas Magnum



I.D. #:
Thomas, The Kid
SBT 031913 009
March 19, 2013
5" with a curl at the end
Patty Paw Poly (really cool).

Special Notes:

Wrestle, Play, Run, Launch, Show, Sleep at show, Run, Play, Show, Pretend to sleep at show, Spy Stuff, Play.

He's very popular in the show hall.  He also loves butterflies.





Here is Magnum at his final kitten show with Hisako Yamada (above and below left) and Sandi Mattingly (below left).


Magnum is becoming a real crowd favorite in the show hall, a couple spectators even claiming to be charter members of his fan club.

Below are some of the photos used for the SW awards dinner PowerPoint presentation for the Regional Winners.


The above two were both submitted for his Regional Win as a kitten.  The Agency likes the Ferrari picture better, but the other one was used.  Below on the left is the photo used for his Championship Cat Regional Win.  On the right is a picture taken during the photo shoot for the award presentation, with the perfect expression to express his feelings toward being dressed up.


Magnum is truly a chip off of the old block.  Above is Magnum waiting to be called to a ring.  Below is his father, LA SGC Special Agent Sniper Scout (AKA Red Bull), awaiting a ring.

Below, father and son again.  In the judging cage waiting to be judged, on the left is Dad, Red bull, on the right is Magnum, also, waiting to be judged.


  Below is Magnum at 6 months old.

Here is Magnum on our 2014 Christmas card.  See all of our Christmas cards by clicking here.



Magnum's father is LA SGC Special Agent Sniper Scout (left) and his mother is Special Agent Team Six (right).


Click here to see Magnum's Pedigree


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