AUGUST 15, 2010

America's Finest Felines & Kat Knappers Cat Club

Showing: LA SGC Special Agent Sniper Scout and kitten RW SGC Special Agent Reflection

Ring One

Anne Ritzinger was taking a little too much time for LA SGC Special Agent Sniper Scout (AKA Red Bull).  It wasn't really that much time, but enough for a nap.  You can tell how exciting he finds showing, or at least waiting.  Once out of the cage and on the judging table, he come alive and puts on a show.

Anne finaled both Red Bull and Special Agent Reflection (AKA Mongoose).


Ring Two

Hisako Yamada (left) and Mary Lou Anderson (right) had the same view of Red Bull when they turned to take him out for judging, on his back with his feet in the air.  It has become his signature.

When he's playing on the table, you would never know he was just sleeping by his actions.  The world is a stage, and the judging cage, a place to rest up for the performance.

Below, Hisako gives Reflection a good look, then a final!  She also finaled Red Bull!


Ring Three




Laurie Schiff has fun choreographing Red Bull's performance in her ring.  She has time to share a moment with him after.  Laurie awarded a final to both Red Bull and Mongoose.


Kitti Ruttan holds up her second best kitten, Reflection, in her final.  He just turned 5 months old and look how large he is already.



Ring Four
Ring Five



Keeping his M.O. in Canie Brooks' ring, sometimes we think Red Bull just lays on his back for laughs.  But then again, can he really hear them when he's snoozing?

  Canie awarded Red Bull fifth best in her final.

Overall, it was a very good day for the Agency against some very stiff competition.  And, more importantly, a good time was had by all.






In the benching area Red Bull is resting up for the judges.

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