Grand Champion


I.D. #  03T 061103 002
DOB:    June 11, 2003
Tail:      3.5" kinked
Feet:     Straight


Hobbies: Playing with teasers and cuddling.  Secret is quite the talker and will have long, quiet conversations with anyone.

Special Notes:  Achieved the title of Grand Champion very quickly, even competing against the boys.  There is no doubt that she could easily advance her titles if she were shown.

Here are a couple kitten pictures of Secret.  Below, she is on the right, and Trinity is on the left.  Secret was a show cat, and can still be shown, but is a touch shy in the show ring.  She would much prefer to stay at home and enjoy the company of a loving family.  To the right is a photo of Secret at 6 years old.

She was once described as the perfect cat, with just the right amount of play and love, wrapped in a beautiful package.  Unfortunately, she is an alpha female, and dominated this man's other male cat.  She will not tolerate another cat's attitude, but gets along well with more easy going animals.  We never had a problem with her here, but she is quite demanding about getting her loving.

What an eye this girl has!  She looks very mean, but isn't.  Her boning is heavy, and her coat has a wonderful, plush texture.


Above, Secret is being judged by Jeff Roberts.  Look at how stocky she is!



Secret is so sweet, but sometimes she picks an odd time to tell you how much she loves you.  We tried to convince her that taking our face in her paws, and looking deeply into sleepy eyes at 3 in the morning wasn't cute, but, well, who are we kidding, it's cute anytime.




RW SGC Special Agent Sniper Secret's father is RW SGC Special Agent Sniper (left)
and her mother is QGC Special Agent Solitaire (right).
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