International Best of Breed
Regional Winner
Supreme Grand Champion

 I.D. #:
02T 032402 010
March 24, 2002
Polydactyl on three feet.

Special Notes:

Play, Snooze, Play, Male Model, Play, Spy Stuff, Play.

Supreme Grand Champion. International Best Of Breed and Regional Winner, 2004.

Below, Sniper targets a friend laying on the lawn needing a hug.  Photo taken August, 2011.


Sniper is known as our philosopher. He has a very profound theory on our humble existence:  "Life is a toy, play with it!


Wise advice! He practices it everyday, playing with anything and everything.



He might look mean, but Sniper is a very friendly and laid back guy. He sits like his dad (on his tail like he is in a big easy chair) and has been known to be quite a flirt. Watch out James Bond! 

Sniper has a great rufus coat and is built like a large cat with huge boning and a lot of extra skin.

Below is the photo that still gets comments from those who saw it when it was shown on the PowerPoint presentations for his Regional Win and International Best of Breed award.

He has a deep, gruff voice, and likes to talk. Usually, when you are holding him, he'll place a polydactyl paw on your cheek in a very endearing manner.  Sniper received many awards when he was shown, and congratulations poured in from everywhere.  Hisako Yamada (pictured below, left with Sniper and Wind) actually awarded him the best cat that gave him his supreme, but Kitti Ruttan (pictured below, right with Ecko and Sniper) gave Sniper a Best Cat the same day.  There is no doubt that Sniper is Supreme.


The life of the world's best Pixie Bob can be quite demanding and public appearances are part of the job, but to wind down, Sniper likes to fall asleep in front of the TV (Secondhand Lions is his favorite movie) or catch some rays while listening to his favorite tunes.


Here is an interesting view of the bottom of Sniper's feet.

I couldn't resist including these pictures of him as a kitten. He's always been a happy boy. And he still enjoys snoozing with Stuffy the teddy bear.


Above, left is Sniper at 6 months old, above right, and below, he is 1 year old.


Above is Sniper on the far left with his sisters, Legend and Maddy at 2 months old.  Below is Sniper with Wind's Bible before bedtime, and with a favorite toy in the middle of the bed.


Sniper's father is SGC Blackfoot Agent Six (left, top) and his mother is Agent Baycha (below).

To the right is a crowd favorite, Sniper with his son, Captain Jack, just before Jack left to go home with his new family.  No doubt Sniper was telling his son, "Be a great Agent.  Make us proud, Son."

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