Supreme  Grand Champion
AKA "Tag"



I.D. #:
Tag, The Main Man, Hunk, Tagger, Taggeriffic.
SBT 051598 039
May 15, 1998
4" articulate
 Polydactyl on front.


Special Notes:

Chasing and attacking the stream of water from the hose.  He doesn't care that he gets drenched.

Supreme Grand Champion in just a few shows.  Sire of Supreme Grand Champions, Regional Winners & International Best of Breed Pixie Bobs.

Tag at 10 months, above, right, center next row.

The most common AKA for this boy is "Tag" because when he was young, he would run up to you, slap you on the leg with one of his huge, polydactyl feet, then bolt away (a game inherited by his kids).  "Tag, you're it!"  He would stop after a few feet to be sure you were following.  When you would pursue, he would dart off.  The chase was on until you nabbed him and laid a kiss on his forehead.  Then you would run and he would chase.  This game of tag would go on and on as a daily ritual.


Tag also enjoys chasing the water coming out of a hose.  In the summer, when he is enjoying the sun in an outdoor enclosure, he loves you to water the grass.  He ends up soaked and panting, and enjoys every minute.



Tag earned his championship in one show. Though he was shown very little, he advanced quickly through his titles.


Above right and below, 10 months.

He earned Best pixie Bob in California, and 6th best in the world his only semi-full show season, 1999-2000.

Tag with his son, Danny.


Since Tag loathes being shown, he is retired from entering the ring again and is used solely in our Production department now.  His prodigy are doing well carrying on his name, earning numerous titles and honors including Supreme Grand Champions, International and Regional winners.

Tag's father is DGC Rockyfalls Sir Paws Alot

Tag at 8 weeks, the first day he came home.

His mother is Shybear Katcheena Kahtay

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