Quadruple Grand Champion

Above, she is 6 months old.  She is a beautiful girl with a great wild look.  Her tail is about 5" and has a nitch at the very end.

I.D. # SBT 052300 002
DOB:  May 23, 2000
Tail: 5"  Feet: Straight
Special Notes:  Solitaire was very successful in her show career, even though she was competing against the boys.  And they were some awesome boys, supreme grand champions and regional winners.


Above is a cute picture of Solitaire when she was just 7 days old.

During her show career, she was a picture of elegance when she was on display on the judging table.  Despite that fact that she was a girl, she more than held her own against high titled boys, usually winning the rings.  Anyone who shows, knows this is a difficult task for Pixie Bob girls to compete against the larger boys.  Her show career was short.  She quickly achieved her quadruple grand championship and was then transferred to the production unit of the Agency, where she and her man, RW SGC Special Agent Sniper, have produced several other excellent show kids.

Like most Pixies, Soli likes to be involved in everything you do.  Her curiosity is endless.  She lays over my shoulder while I cook and she loves watching the ice spill into my glass from the dispenser in the refrigerator door.  Below is Solitaire at three weeks old.

Solitaire is a big, playful girl who loves all of the attention she can get.  She will play with anything and anyone.  Daily she can be seen throwing her favorite toy in the air, catching it, swatting it and generally having a ball, then running off down the hall.  She stalks back and starts again.  After she finishes, she walks off in a very dignified manner as if to say, "Aw, that felt good."

As you can tell by this photo, Solitaire, lovingly call Soli, is a silly girl.  We love her antics and her incredible personality.  What can I say, she's a Pixie Bob, wild look, loving heart and amazing personality.

She loves touching our faces with her paws and lovingly looking into our eyes as if to say, "Mommy, did I tell you how much I love you, today?"  Oh, and she loves her Crest tooth paste.  "Forget the kitty treats, baby food, or chicken, give me a taste of Crest please."


When she was a kitten, Solitaire graced the pages of the August 2001 Cat Fancy breed profile about the Pixie Bob.  Below is the centerfold picture from that issue.

She is our silly Soli and she is truly an amazing girl.


Tag (left) is Solitaire's father and Special Agent Ms Bond (right) is her mom.

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