I.D. #:
Mutt, MuttMan
03T 100708 033
October 7, 2008
6" kinked

Special Notes:

Playing. . .anywhere, anytime, anyhow.

Both of his parents are Regional Winners, Supreme Grand Champions and Best of Breed winners.



Mutt loves to play, an attitude he inherited from his father.  He is a "glass half full" kind of guy.  He can turn anything into a wonderful toy.  But his favorite toy is a crinkle ball.  He likes to put it behind things, then struggle to retrieve the "escaped" ball.




Mutt is the product of a very, very rare combination of two parents who achieved the ultimate in the show ring.  His father was International Best of Breed, and his mother was International 2nd Best of Breed, and the very best female Pixie Bob.  Both of his parents are Regional Winners and Supreme Grand Champions.  Mutt has had one kitten who has been shown.  That kitten is International Winner, Supreme Grand Champion and International Best of Breed kitten and cat, Special Agent Sniper Scout.




  Mutt enjoys running on the wheel, something he inherited from his mother.  It is a skill he has not mastered yet, but has a blast running on it, anyway.


Mutt is still growing, but is already a large boy, with a lot of assets that should improve even more with age.  His coat is a wonderful, plush standout coat with a lot of rufus.  He also has long ear tufts, a spectacular muzzle, a perfectly shaped head.



Indy's father is RW SGC Special Agent Sniper (left)
and her mother is RW SGC Special Agent Incognito (right).
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