International 2nd Best of Breed
Regional Winner
Supreme Grand Champion

Photo by Astrid Harrison

I.D. #:
03T 051506 022
May 15, 2006
4.5" tip kinked
Polydactyl on all four feet

Special Notes:

Running on wheel, playing football.  She is an excellent linebacker.

Flew through her titles, and enjoyed being goofy on the judging stand.  She is one of only a handful of female Pixie Bobs who have obtained the title of Supreme Grand Champion. Regional Breed Winner.



We are honored to have the Best Pixie Bob Girl in the World from 2008 in "Indy".  She is a beautiful girl with a great wild look and wonderfully spotted coat. She is polydactyl on all four feet.  Judges have commented that they have never seen such straight legs.  They say the same about her son and grandkids as well.

Indy is a sweetheart who loves war games and communications. She loves to play football, linebacker being her position of choice.  She has a great time in the show ring or at home.  She is also an expert at running on the cat wheel at top speed.

If you like a cat with personality, this Agent is your girl.  She truly loves to tackle you if you are in motion anywhere.  She will pursue, hopping on her hind legs if necessary.  When she's in a cuddly mood, she will often turn her head upside down and drop it to the ground, as if to set up to do a headstand.  She does this in the show ring, too




Indy couldn't be much more stunning.  She's rather rangy, very tall and leggy.

More than once, judges have commented that she is so spotted, they couldn't find one mackerel (striped) bar on her anywhere.  She has perfect eyes, a great muzzle, ear tufts, . . . she simply has it all!!



Above, Indy in a photo which appeared in Cat Fancy Magazine.

Above is Indy babysitting another mom's little girl.  Below, Indy is with her own 10 day old daughter.

Here are some kitten pictures of Indy, from 4 months, below left, to 9 months, below right. 


Below is a photo of Wind and Indy with Laurie Schiff after Laurie gave Indy the Best Cat which made her a Supreme Grand Champion.  The photo is courtesy of Gail Anderson of G Bar G Ranch Pixie Bobs.  Thanks Gail.  Indy also finished 10th best SH cat and 20th best AB cat in the SW Region to earn her title as Regional Winner.


She is to 8 months old in the photo on the left, and 6 months old on the right.


Indy crossed the Rainbow Bridge January 27, 2015.  We miss you so much, Indy.
Indy's father is RW SGC Special Agent Reconnaissance (left)
and her mother is RW SGC Special Agent Going Solo (right).
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