International Best of Breed
Double Regional Winner
Supreme Grand Champion


I.D. #:
SBV 062705 004
June 27, 2005
4" kinking up





 Play, specifically, he loves to play "tremors" chasing anything that "runs" under a blanket.

Supreme Grand Champion. International Best Of Breed kitten and Regional Winner, 2006.  He was a Regional Winner in 2007 too, as well as being the 3rd best shorthair cat in the entire Southwest Region.  Oh, and he works closely with Agent Bond.

Recon has a great look and is large, and he's still growing!  He has smaller eyes with a heavy brow, which gives him the wonderful, predatory look that distinguishes the Pixie Bob from all other breeds.




Below are a couple of pictures of Recon on a cat wheel. He enjoys running on the wheel, and chats a bit as he walks.



Recon has been very successful in the show ring, achieving the highest title possible, Supreme Grand Champion, extremely quickly. Vickie Fisher (TICA president pictured above) was the judge who made him Best Cat for his Supreme at the early age of 9 months old.  He is also a double regional winner. Oh, the Reeses Cup . . . that was Recon's thank you gift to Vickie, her favorite candy.



At one show, I was at the benching area, Recon was laying on his back (like the picture below) making biscuits in the air while I rubbed his tummy. A lady came and introduced herself as a sister of another Pixie Bob breeder. We had a very nice conversation and then she asked if I ever had temperament problems with my boys . . . I looked at Recon, on his back, purring with his front paws marching in the air . . . oh yeah, our boys have a temperament problem, a happy, lovable temperament problem. What a wonderful problem to have.


Recon at 19 months (below left), 15 months (above) and 5 months (below right).  He has grown so much and is just starting to bulk up.


Recon's father is Pixiepaw Nahaeta (left) and his
 mother is Special Agent Lexie Con (right). 

See Recon's Pedigree by clicking here.               See some of Recon's kittens by clicking here!

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