Double Grand Champion

Photo of Gem by Tetsu

I.D. #:
03T 032404 006
March 24, 2004
3.5" kinked
Polydactyl on all four feet

Special Notes:

Playing with teasers.  Chatting, chatting, chatting.

Gem was the 21st allbreed kitten in the SW region,
missing 20th and a Regional Title by a master clerk's error. She was also the second best Pixie Bob kitten in the world in 2005.  She is at ease in the show hall, and makes us proud, even against the larger boys.


We did this comparison with Gem and an actual bobcat. It is amazing how similar the two cats are!

Gem is a communication specialist. She enjoys your company, in any capacity, play or rest. She enjoys showing, but is already a double grand champion, so we bring her out to the shows on occasion, but not a lot.


Gem's callsign came quite easily . . . her mom is a solitaire, and she is a gem.


She has wonderful, long ear tufts that attract you right away, with that awesome eye. The looks don't stop there, she has a great muzzle, huge polydactyl feet, a great stand out coat and so much more. One judge even commented that, as she was there from the beginning of the Pixie Bob in TICA, she has a solid picture in her head of what a Pixie should look like. After seeing Gem, she said she had a new picture to compare perfection to, and that was this beautiful girl.

RW SGC Special Agent Sniper Gem's father is RW SGC Special Agent Sniper (left)

and her mother is QGC Special Agent Solitaire (right).

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