Stars of the Agency


1 Chronicles 22:13

Regional Winner Supreme Grand Champion

Special Agent Thomas Magnum

This young boy has been shown from July as a kitten.  As he has developed, he has done increasingly well.  He was the Best Kitten in show in Arcadia, CA and second best in Ione, CA, both in October, 2013.  The Agency is so proud of this handsome young agent.  He has done better as a kitten than any of our other stunning agents.  He currently stands as the best Pixie Bob kitten in the world.  Way to go, Agent Magnum.







Here he is with Hisako Yamada in his final kitten show in Arcadia, CA in November, 2013.

Magnum has done well as an adult as well and, in just 4 months, earned the highest title of Supreme Grand Champion, and earned another Regional Win.


Lifetime Achievement
Supreme Grand Champion
Special Agent Sniper Scout

Earned a Rare Lifetime Achievement Award!
To achieve this, a cat must earn at least one International Win, IW (This differs from International Best of Breed because he is competing with all of the cats in TICA for this coveted award), and 2 Regional Wins, RW.  "Red Bull," as he is affectionately known, earned his final Regional Win for his second RW, and last season he earned his IW.

For the 2010-2011 show season, Red Bull, was the Best Pixie Bob adult in the world.  He has been a wonderful representation of what the Pixie Bob should be, charming and wooing the spectators, being a showman to the judges, and being a friend to all!  What a great year!  This was Red Bull's follow-up to his kitten show season.  For the 2009-2010 show season he was the very best Pixie Bob kitten, internationally.  He was a regional winner as a kitten, only showing for two and a half months.

  He is a wonderful example of the best features of what we want in our Agents, personality, health and looks.  We're looking forward to more good things from this stunning boy.  We truly look forward to seeing him mature and seeing his kittens.



Regional Winner
Supreme Grand Champion
Special Agent Silencer

This young lady is the littermate of LA SGC Special Agent Sniper Scout (above).  Even though she wasn't shown as a kitten, she has handled the show experience very well.  She purrs and marches in the cages, and has no problem with all of the noise and strangers around.  She advanced her title to Supreme Grand Champion in Arcadia, CA in January.  She is now a Regional Winner, and the very best female Pixie Bob in the World in the 2014-2015 show season.  We are very proud how well she shows, and all she has accomplished.






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