International Best of Breed
Regional Winner

Double Grand Champion

Her name is a varied spelling of Shikina, meaning "God's light"



I.D. #SBT 062501 007
DOB:  June 25, 2001
Tail: 2.25"
Feet: Polydactyl on all four feet.
Hobbies: Finding high cubby holes to snooze in.
Special Notes: Shikyna is our first International Best of Breed and Regional Winner.





If you try to call our house and you hear the phone pick up but nobody is there, it is likely that Shikyna has answered.  She loves to get involved.  Here she is sleeping on the phone.


Here is a comparison between Shikyna and an actual bobcat.  You can easily see the similarities.  Shikyna is large and very wildly marked.  She is spotted with a lot of rufus in her ruff, full coat.  She even has the "band-aid" on her nose that many species of bobcats have.

Shikyna earned her championship in her first show.  She was temporarily retired shortly after since she, like many Pixie Bobs, is taking her time maturing and we wanted to give her a chance to grow up a bit.  She earned Best Pixie Bob Kitten Internationally in the 2002 show season, and finished number 16 of all breeds in the Southwest region, earning her a coveted Regional award.  We hope to get her back in the show ring soon.   

                 Shikyna LOVES to play.  Her specialty is war games, but she is a love too.

She is only 4 months old in the photo above.

Shikyna's father is SGC Blackfoot Agent Six (left) and her mother is Special Agent Desert Surprise (right).

See Shikyna's Pedigree by clicking here.

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