AKA: Ina

We call her Ina.  She is one of our largest and most intimidating looking girls.

But, alas, looks can be deceiving.  She will defend kittens with fervor, but otherwise, she is a live and let live type.  She gets along with everyone.

I.D. #:
SBV 052405 007
May 24, 2005
Polydactyl on all four feet
Special Notes:
A quiet, shy girl of few words. She's a real wallflower.


Ina's favorite spot is standing in a lap.  She will talk to you a bit, but usually with a soft voice.  She expresses herself best with her feet.  She is constantly marching, lifting her legs high, and curling them tightly.


This big girl gives the impression of a tough brute, but she is actually quite sweet.  She has long, thick legs, a muscular body, a mean eye and a plush, stand out coat year round.

Some people think the "band aid" over her nose makes her look more like a bobcat.  She inherited it from her mom.


Here are some photos of Ina before she was fully mature.  She's 9 months old in the photo to the left and 4 months old in the center, and right photos.  She has taken a long time to fully mature, but it was well worth the wait.

You can see why Inna's tail is too short for her to be shown in this picture of her below at 10 months old.


Below she is only 3 weeks old in the photo on the left, and 7 weeks in the photo on the right.


Pixiepaw Nahaeta is Inna's father and
RW DGC Special Agent Shikyna (right) is her mom.

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