Supreme Grand Champion

Special Agent Silencer

AKA: Dew


I.D. #
SBT 093009
September 30, 2009
Special Notes:



Dew was not shown as a kitten because her tail is barely legal and we thought that would handicapped her too much. We were wrong!


Dew earned her Supreme Grand Championship in Arcadia, CA in January, 2015.  Below are pictures of her with the judge who gave her the Best Cat to give her the best cat she needed for the Supreme, Adriana Kajon.  Ecko is holding her awards in the lower right photo.



Above are current photos of Dew, and below are a couple of pictures of Dew at 5 months old.


Dew is a very talkative girl, chirping and trilling pleasantly. She enjoys a warm lap and an active conversation. Though she seeks out human companionship, she is an independent and confident girl.


        Dew was not shown as a kitten for a couple of reasons.  Firstly, her tail is barely legal, and on a large girl like Dew, it looks too short. We thought this would handicap her too much. Secondly, she would have been competing with her brother, LA SGC Special Agent Sniper Scout, and he is quite an awesome Pixie Bob.  He was the International Best Pixie Bob both as a kitten and an adult, and an international top 25 winner, earning a prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award.  So, after her brother retired, we didn't think she would adjust to the overwhelming environment of the show hall, and she still had the tail problem.

A few years later, a show needed support, and we didn't have anyone to show who could accomplish anything.  So, we entered Dew. Not only did Dew handle the stresses in the show hall amazingly well, the judges really liked her.  She has done very well, and we are so proud of her trust and loving attitude.

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Dew's dad is

CH Special Agent Silent Sniper

(left) and her mom is

Santiam Ruse to the Agency


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