March 10, 1999 - January 17, 2001
Gone too soon, missed more than words can express.  Meet you at Heaven's gates.

I.D. #:
Dac, Dacman, Superhero
SBT 031099 074
March 10, 1999
6" with kink on tip.
Mitten Polydactyl front, poly back.


Special Notes:

Playing Superhero, playing drummer, playing the chimes (he really is quite the musician) . . . just plain playing.  Praying.

The first born son of Tag, Dac was only shown one day, and earned his championship with a second best cat.  He really hated it so we never took him back.




What can we say about Dac?  His personality cannot be captured with words.  He loves to be involved in everything.  He's charming one moment, a clown the next.  He can also be demanding of your attention.  He will climb into your lap and head but you in the belly or nibble your arm.  He also joins us each night in prayer.  When we gather to pray before saying goodnight, we say, "Dac, are you ready to pray with us?"  He will place his paw on our clasped hands or on our leg, usually staying there until the prayers are finished.  It's very special.


Dac is a superhero to all the Agency trainees.  He boldly challenges all dangers head on, vacuum cleaners, carpet cleaners, all sorts of mechanical devices, teaching our young agents to be fearless.  However like all super heroes, Dac has his kryptonite in thunder and rumbling large trucks.


A sure way to get a loud purr from him is to rub and playfully spank his bottom.  He swells with pride upon hearing that his bum is perfect, which it is.

He will try to get your attention by first subtly speaking to you.  If that doesn't work, he gently plays a special song on the chimes.  If he still fails to get your attention, he will drum on a door, mirror, cabinet or any vertical surface.  If you are still to oblivious to his efforts to nab your attention, he will get physical by first wrapping his paws around your ankle and kicking with his hind feet.  His last resort never fails, as he will give your backside a quick nip, always forcing a smile.

Above is our favorite kitten picture of Dac. Below, a young Dacman shows us the bottom of his big mit.

SGC Blackfoot Agent Six (left) is Dac's father and Redriverbobis Agent Chaz (right) is his mom.

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