regional winner
Secret Agent Knight Strike

ID #:


SH 030108 1009
March 1, 2008



Special Notes:

Showing, road trips, killing feather toys.

Strike is an F4 Savannah, B level, meaning both of his parents are Savannahs.  Unfortunately, not all of his grandparents are Savannah, so he cannot be shown as a Savannah. 


Since Strike can't be shown as a Savannah, and we want the judges to see how our breeding programs are going at The Agency and Camelottaspots, we are showing him as a household pet.

The judges are marveling over him.  They are in awe of not only his looks, but his extraordinary personality.  He is very comfortable in the show hall, and will play like crazy, but if you would rather cuddle, no problem.  Strike can purr up a storm, and likes to head but, just like his mom.

Strike has a wonderful temperament, color, pattern, and short, thick tail and long fine legs.


Strike's father is Ty, one of Camelottaspots stunning Savannah boys (left)
and his mother is Camelottaspots Lady Merryn (right).

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