Regional Winner - Supreme Grand Master

I.D. #:
LH 091807 1106
September 18, 2007
Straw, Ninja, Black Op, The Child

Special Notes:

Baby sitting and cuddling with little ones.

Straw is a civilian operative and a very special girl.  She is a black, longhaired beauty.

Straw is the daughter of two feral cats.  Shortly after she was born, Wind heard her crying, while working in a friend's barn, but with Wind's poor hearing, couldn't locate her.  She called on Ecko for help.  Ecko located the area, in a feed room.  Carefully moving bales of hay, then pallets, Straw was found, still damp from being born.  Apparently, her mother was too afraid to return for her, or perhaps she couldn't reach Straw after she had fallen between the slats of the hay pallet, and gave up.  She was nowhere to be found, and the baby needed care.  The owner of the property had gone into her house to change out of her business clothes while the hunt for the mother was on.


Wind and Ecko, knowing this kitten would need constant attention and feeding had decided to take her home.  When they went to their dear friend's home to tell her, she was weeping.  She said that everything was going wrong in her life, and this was the proverbial "last straw".


Straw came home to live at the Agency.  Solitaire (left) had 3 day old kittens when we found Straw.  She had no problems raising Straw as one of her own.  She seems to consider Sniper her father, and enjoys eating and napping with him.  She chose some very highly decorated agents as her adoptive parents.  They love her too, though Sniper sometimes acts mildly annoyed.  He has never raised a paw to her and has even been seen grooming her.

 She adores Agent Chaz and treats her like Grandma.  Straw walks with her, plays the same games as, and with Chaz, they groom each other, chat with each other, and obviously have a very special relationship.

Straw loves to be shown, but is always a lady.  You would never know what a wild, playful girl she is at home, throwing her body everywhere.  In the show hall, she is dainty and dignified, playing, but very much like a girl.  She lets everyone hold her.

Success came easily to her.  Perhaps she learned from her "mom" who is a Quadruple Grand Champion, and her "dad" who is a Regional Winner and Supreme Grand Champion.  Straw earned her first Regional Win as a kitten, and her Supreme Grand Master (the title earned by household pets) in just 6 days of showing.  In two of these shows, she finished as the best Household Pet in the show.  She accomplished this feat several times as a kitten, but we didn't keep count.  We are very proud of her.


Below, Straw is hanging with The Kid in Wind's lap.  She is three months old here, he is about 7 weeks.
Last Straw and 00 Kid

Straw is a babysitter and always takes care of the little ones, and plays so gently with them.  She also sneaks a drink from their mom whenever she can.


Solitaire (left) and Chaz (right) did a great job raising Straw as one of the family.

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