Supreme Grand Champion
Regional Best of Breed

Photo by Lynne

I.D. #
03V 062005 001
October 18, 2005
3" perfect
Hobbies: Cuddling and playing, especially with
the laser pointer.


These photos were taken by his new owner, Lynne.  The photo to the left is Legacy and his girl, Haley.  Precious!


Lynne calls the photo below, "I am Legacy, hear me roar!"  Isn't it a great shot?  We love it!

I will let her words (in blue) tell you about him.  Thank you, Lynne, for loving him so much, and spoiling him.

Photo by Lynne




"He TALKS!!!  He has a quiet voice with little chortles, chirps, & cute
little Scooby Doo type sounds.  He can totally carry on a conversation with
me, all the time rubbing up against me.  He even sits up to rub his head
against my leg...he is just too lovable for words!!!



"Legacy is such a cuddlebug with me....he sat on Bob's lap and purred too.  Legacy even fell asleep this morning while I held him...he is such a purr baby.  At times he purrs so loud & hard that he quivers.


"I enjoy watching him move.....I love his muscled, shoulder motion."

Lynne took this photo of Legacy checking in with the Agency.

Photo by Lynne

Lynne is a great photographer.  Here are three more wonderful photos by Lynne.  It's tough being a great Agent.

Legacy's father is Pixiepaw Nahaeta.

Photo by Lynne

His mother is RW SGC Special Agent Legend

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