Special Agent Von Jobi

AKA: Jobi

I.D. #:
SBV 112207 013
November 22, 2007


Jobi was shown as a kitten, but as she grew, her tail looked too short.  It is pushing 2", but she clamps it and it looks really short.


This is a wonderfully large girl.  That has its ups and downs.  We all want big cats.  But this is specifically the problem with a cat with a barely legal tail.  Sniper's tail length was always questioned when we he was shown.  Jobi has the same problem, but she doesn't want the judges to feel it so she clamps it down tightly.  For that reason, she was retired from showing.



Jobi is field trained to adapt to her environment, as such, she can sack out anywhere or everywhere.  Soft is her bedding of choice, but she can make all surfaces look comfortable.


She talks some, but it is so quiet, it's almost silent.
Maybe she talks more than we all know, we just don't hear her.

Here are a couple of photos with her love, SGC Blackfoot Agent Six.


Tag sure knows how to wine and dine his ladies.  A nibble on the neck, a kiss on the cheek.


Below are some kitten pictures of Jobi.


Above, she is 5 months old.  Below, left, Jobi at 2 months old.  On the right, she is pictured with her sister at 4 weeks old.  Jobi is behind her sister, on the right.



Jobi is spayed and ready to enjoy a new, loving,

 forever home.


RW SGC Special Agent Fire Fighter (left) is Jobi's father and
Mojoscathouse Agent Little Bit (right) is her mom.

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